Signs of a Water Main Break in Your Home

From Five Star Plumbing Services Inc

In your home, you have two systems, the water supply system and the drain waste system. The water main is the primary pipe that brings treated water to your home from public water. Branching off of the water main are multiple water lines that direct water to various points of use in your home, like faucets, the dishwasher, and washing machine. What happens then if your water main breaks? With the help from Five Star Plumbing, a residential plumbing company in Harford County, MD, we have below a few signs of a water main break in your home.

6 Signs of a Water Main Break In Your Home

1. Dirty, Rusty, or Bad Smelling Water

If you have a break in your water main underground, dirt can start getting in to the clean water supply. If the water has more of a reddish or rusty tint, this shows that your pipes are undergoing some series corrosion. Either of these cases the water is not safe to drink so it is critical to get this repaired as soon as you can.

2. Unusually High-Water Bill

Even if it doesn’t seem like there is a problem, a good indicator of a problem is in your water bill. If you notice that your bills have become unusually high, and your use has not increased, this means there could be a hidden leak somewhere in your water main. You’ll need a licensed plumber to come in to find the source of the leak.

3. Puddles In Your Front Yard

If you have soggy, wet spots in your yard, this might not just be from a rainstorm. This could be from a pipe leaking underground right in the area where puddles are occurring.

4. Wet Spots on Your Floors, Walls, or Ceilings

Damp floors and wet or bubbling patches on walls and ceilings are sure signs of a hidden leak. If the leak is in the foundation, you might also see some water leaking up through the floor or walls of your basement. Turn off the home’s water at the main shutoff valve to keep the issue from getting worse and contact a plumber right away.

5. Potholes or Sinkholes

The water to your home may run underneath your driveway or sidewalk on your property. If an underground leak in the water main occurs, this can make the soil beneath the pavement both soggy and unstable. If the ground gets weak enough, this can lead to the formation of potholes.

6. Sounds of Water Running

Sometimes a hidden leak can be loud enough that you can hear it. It might sound like running water, constant dripping, or a delicate stream. If you aren’t using any water and yet still hear these sounds then there is cause for concern.

Experiencing a Water Main Break In Your Home? 

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