If you own a home that gets its water from a well system, chances are you have probably dealt with low well water pressure at least once. For those of you who have not had to experience low water pressure before, your first reaction may be to think that you can’t improve your water pressure. The reality is you can. The trick is to make sure that you find a reputable plumber in your area that can help you with the following.

Ways to Fix Low Well Water Pressure

Service Your Pressure Tank

A home’s average water pressure should be between 40 to 60 psi. If your water pressure is not in between these numbers you should do the following:

  1. Turn of the circuit to the well pump 
  2. Test the air fill valve with an air pressure gauge to see what your PSI levels are
  3. If the air pressure is below 40 psi increase it by adjusting the pressure switch
  4. Turn the circuit back on and test the water by opening a faucet
  5. Readjust if necessary

Have Your Pipes Checked

Oftentimes the reason for low well water pressure is due to clogged pipes. This will occur in homes that have hard water which can damage the pipes and prevent water from flowing freely. In order to prevent this from happening you should have your pipes inspected and cleaned and have a water softener installed or serviced.

Install a New Constant Pressure System

A great way to assist your pressure tank and increase the amount of water pressure in your home is by installing a new constant pressure system. This piece of equipment is installed on your waterline and prevents water pressure from dropping when multiple fixtures are being used.

How to Permanently Fix Low Well Water Pressure

If you are tired of continuing to fight low well water pressure contact Five Star Plumbing. We can address any of your well system needs such as low water pressure!