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Water Line Replacement

Water line replacement, or water service pipe replacement, is one of the bigger plumbing issues you will face as a homeowner or business owner. But when you work with us, you can rest assured you are getting high quality work from a team of licensed plumbers, at competitive pricing.

If there is any way to repair your water line, instead of water line replacement, we will. But there are many situations where you need a complete water line replacement. We replace water lines of all materials: Polybutylene, copper and galvanized steel.

Polybutylene Pipe Water Line Replacement

If you have polybutylene pipes, you and your family could be in danger. Most polybutylene pipe – also known as “water service pipe” or “poly pipe” is underground. It is the pipe that carries water from the street into the house that is installed in and around homes in the greater Baltimore area. There is also some polybutylene pipe installed inside the home plumbing system, but that is not too common in the Baltimore area.

Polybutylene pipe is a blue (or gray) plastic pipe manufactured by the Shell Oil Corporation. Contractors installed it in homes between approximately 1978 and 1995 – mostly in new construction – but they also used it to replace water service pipes in older homes as well. Over the years, people realized that chlorine added to sanitize our drinking water reacts with the polybutylene, making it brittle. All polybutylene pipe will fail for this reason. It is just a question of when it will happen… not if it will. We typically see a surge in polybutylene water service pipe replacement when the seasons change. The ground changes temperature and so does our potable water. The change in temperature causes the “Big Blue” to expand or contract, aggravating its weakness.

Do I have Polybutylene Pipe?

Here are some ways you can tell if you have polybutylene pipe for your water service pipe:

  • If you see any blue plastic pipe where your water service enters the home.
  • If you see a gray plastic fitting when your water service pipe enters the home.
  • Some poly is not visible, and is totally hidden underground. We would have to come out and check for you.

Other ways to tell would include a combination of things such as:

  • My house was built between 1978 and 1995,
  • My neighbors on my street or in my neighborhood have had polybutylene pipe replacement.

Symptoms that your water service line is leaking:

  • I have a higher than usual water bill.
  • My yard is always wet.
  • My sump pump runs too much.
  • The front wall of my basement is damp or wet.


Sewer Line Replacement

In addition to water service pipe replacement, we of course perform sewer line replacement. You’ll know there’s an issue with your sewer line if:

  • You have sewage backup or blockages.
  • You notice a foul smell inside or outside.
  • Lush patches of grass near the sewer line.
  • You have pools of septic waste.


If we can repair your sewer line, we will. If you need a full sewer line replacement, in most cases, we can perform trenchless sewer line replacement. Also called sewer relining, this is where we thread a new sewer pipe through the old one.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

In most cases, we don’t have to tear up your property to complete a water line replacement or sewer line replacement. 95% of these water service line replacements are trenchless. This is especially important when the water line or sewer line runs under a driveway, sidewalk or parking lot.

Trenchless water line replacement involves digging one small access hole, rather than a long trench. Much less invasive!

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