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Dishwasher Installers

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen with all new appliances, or just upgrading your dishwasher, you need professional dishwasher installers. Your dishwasher installers will remove the old dishwasher and take care of the new dishwasher installation. Since it involves your water lines, and potentially your garbage disposal, your best bet is to hire a plumber to do the job.

Five Star Plumbing Services provides dishwasher installation for homeowners and commercial locations throughout the Baltimore County and Harford County area. As long as you measured properly and got the right size dishwasher for your space, our team of dishwasher installers can make quick work of it. Our plumbers will safely route and connect water lines and ensure electrical lines are properly connected. We’ll even haul away the old dishwasher if you would like.

If you’re installing a dishwasher for the first time, it’s even more important to hire a plumber for the job. We’ll do everything according to code, and it will be done right the first time. We provide a 5-year warranty on labor.

Appliance Installers

Many times when you move into a new home, remodel, or upgrade your appliances, you will need experienced appliance installers. We can install refrigerators and ensure the ice maker line and water dispenser lines are in good condition. We can also install gas dryers, clothes washing machines and dishwashers. If it involves hooking into your plumbing system, we can take care of it. We can also run a gas line (if your location has propane or natural gas) so you can hook up a gas furnace, water heater, grill, stove or gas dryer.

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