Halloween should be all about having fun – and eating too much candy! It’s not the time you want to have to call the plumber. Here are just a couple of tips to help you enjoy the holiday.

  1. Don’t put pumpkins guts or the shell down the garbage disposal!

When you carve your jack-o-lanterns, do it on newspaper and have a bowl to put the guts in and the parts you carve out for the face. When you’re done, either roast the seeds or wrap everything up in the newspaper and throw it in the trash, or compost it. Your garbage disposal will thank you.

Putting the seeds or parts of the pumpkin shell can clog or even damage the blades of your garbage disposal. The shell is too hard for the blades to cut easily, and the guts and seeds can clog the disposal.

  1. Don’t ignore scary sounds in your pipes.

If any of your pipes are moaning, banging or rattling, you need to call the plumber sooner rather than later. These sounds are not ghosts and goblins playing a trick on you.  If you have high water pressure or loose pipes that need to be secured, your pipes will be noisy. These are problems a plumber can easily fix, and can prevent leaks or burst pipes.

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