Labor Day signals the end of summer, and cooler weather. Before you know it, we’ll have our first frost, and then our first snowfall. Now is the time to schedule an annual well pump service call, if you haven’t already had your well pump serviced this year. An annual maintenance call can prevent little problems from becoming big expensive ones, when we may have to dig through snow to get to your well pump.

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A routine inspection of your well water system by a licensed plumber with experience in well systems can help ensure your well water system is operating properly, and prolong the life of your system. Most importantly, an annual inspection can protect your family’s health by discovering issues that could cause your water to become unsafe to drink.

In between annual inspections, you, as a well owner, can do several things to keep your well and well pump running smoothly.

Visual Inspection

  • Well Casing (pipe sticking up out of the ground) Check the general condition and make sure the casing extends at least 12 inches out of the ground. If your well is located in a low-lying area prone to flooding, consider having a well water professional raise the casing to 12 inches above the historic record flood level. Floodwater in the casing can contaminate your well.
  • Well Cap (cap on top of the casing) Check the general condition of the cap and any seals, and make sure that the cap is securely attached.
  • Electrical Conduit (if present) Make sure that all electrical connections are secure.
  • Area Around the Well Avoid well contamination:
    • by removing chemicals such as paint, oil, gasoline, fertilizer or pesticides from near the well.
    • by maintaining at least 50 feet between the well and any kennels, pastures or livestock operations.
    • by ensuring a proper distance from waste systems, fuel tanks or chemical storage.
    • by keeping a vented well cap clear of debris, and ensure it is keeping insects and small animals out.

Well System Components and Equipment

  • Keep an eye out for any leaks, rust, unusual odors or sounds.
  • Follow owner’s manual directions for water softeners and change any filters as required.

Reasons to call your plumber for well service even if you’re not due for an annual inspection:

  • Water has funny taste or odor
  • Turbidity –cloudiness of the water caused by foreign matter in the water
  • Loss of water capacity or pressure
  • Leaks
  • Well pump stops working
  • You’re selling the property or just bought the property and the well hasn’t been recently inspected

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