The toilet is probably one of the most important items in most people’s houses but almost always an unsung hero. When suddenly the toilet tank won’t fill though it becomes all hands on deck as you realize how valuable it is. You will of course want a solution fast and here at Five Star Plumbing, the #1 plumbers in Harford County, we want you to have your toilet working with no problems right away.


Check the Toilet Float

    Your toilet will either have a float ball or a float cup/cylinder. The float balls are found in older toilet models, while the cups are in most modern ones.

    The job of the toilet float is to control the opening and closing of the valve. When it is set too low, the level of the water in the tank will also be low. If on the opposite end it is set too high, excess water will fill the tank and flow down to the toilet bowl via the overflow tube. This is normally one problem when a toilet can’t stop running.


      If the flapper isn’t sealing correctly against the flush valve hole, water from the tank will continually run into the toilet bowl.

      Make sure the flapper or the chain attached to it isn’t caught on something preventing it from going down all the way.

      Older toilets can also get a buildup of debris causing the flapper from sealing. Cleaning it off may solve the problem.

      If none of these issues exist, it may simply be time to replace the flapper altogether.

      Check the Toilet Water Pressure

        If you have a slow filling toilet, apart from a faulty fill valve the other likely culprit is the water pressure to your toilet is too low. This can be caused by clogged old pipes or water pipes that are leaking.

        The first step is to determine if the low water pressure is only affecting your toilet or to all the other fixtures in your home. If it is only the toilet, you can start by checking if the water supply line is blocked.

        Remove it and blow air through it. If it looks fine, then the problem might be with the main water pipe.

        Repair or Replace the Fill Valve

        The fill valve is attached to the float. When you flush the toilet, the float sinks to the bottom of the tank, opening the fill valve. Water rushes out and up the supply line through the open fill valve into the tank.

        As water fills the tank, the float will rise until it’s full.

        If something here goes wrong, then there will be little to no water in the tank.

        At this point you want to check for a couple of things. Old and worn out washers, debris in the fill valve causing blockage, or a broken fill valve.

        For the first two you can replace the washers or flush out the blockage. With the third you need to replace the fill valve.

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