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Five Star Plumbing Services cares about your water quality and knows how to help you achieve the best water quality possible. We start by performing free water testing. Then we recommend and install appropriate water treatment systems.

Acid Neutralizers

Acid neutralizers correct the pH of well water that is too low. Acidic well water can be corrosive and bad for your health. The best way to correct the problem is with an acid neutralizer well water treatment system. They are safe and easy to maintain.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are recommended when there are too many minerals, namely calcium, in your water. This leads to hard water and hard water spots – the annoying white residue that forms on everything your tap water touches. Water softeners remove the excess minerals through a process called ion exchange by exchanging softer minerals for the harder ones.

UV Filters

UV filters destroy microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses in your water. The water must be clear enough for the UV light to penetrate all of the water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis water purification systems use pressure to squeeze water through a semipermeable membrane. Purified water is stored and waste water is discharged down the drain. It is not, therefore, practical for whole house treatment – only for drinking water.

Carbon Filters

Our carbon filter systems are very effective at water purification and do not waste water.

Iron Removal Equipment

Iron in your well water can cause staining and bad smelling and tasting water – particularly hot water.